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What ages do you teach?

We teach kids as young as 7, teens and adults of all ages.


What if I can't sew a stitch?

No problem! We have experience working with all ages and skill levels and are always excited to help people take that first step. 


What if I don't own a sewing machine?

We have a fleet of electronic classroom machines for you to use free of charge. 



Can I Bring my own machine?



Where is the studio located?

Near the Memorial Centre in the beautiful city of Peterborough, Ontario. 


Do you sell fabric?

Students are encouraged to bring their own pre-washed fabrics with them to class but we have a limited amount of fabric and supplies in the studio for people to purchased. We provide some supplies for classes in cases where we can source items in bulk or at a wholesale price.


Do you teach kids?

Yes! We run private lessons, workshops and camps for kids and teens. We sometimes have students as young as 7, but most classes are for students are 9 and above.

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